I'm excited to be launching My Weekend Journal into our Seven Sundays stores and online.

Patsy founder of Seven Sundays co worked directly with the Nikki M Group to design and publish ‘My Weekend Journal – Like the Seven Sundays stores, is inspired by the best day of the week: Sunday. It’s designed to help you practise self-love, to breathe and to be kind. It inspires wellbeing, goal setting, work/life balance, current Issues, & a whole lotta female empowerment. The journals are a blend of notebook and pictorial showcase of the beautiful Gippsland region. Record and capture 52 weekends – the moments that inspire, challenge and bring out the best in you!

My Weekend Journal is not specific to a year or date... just whenever

Journal  52 weekends add a polaroid or memorabilia, it includes full double journalling pages to complete weekend. Start your Bucketlist there are recipes to make from your pantry to homemake beauty products for your home spa night in and alot more to inspire and motivate you.

Take time to pause in your favourite spot and use this
weekend journal to let your imagination run wild. Capture
inspiration and ideas, recognise the experiences you want
to have, the things you want to do, and the people you
want to meet and share your life with. included are prompts
to inspire your dreams and achieve your goals.

When you read Patsys founders letter at the start of the journal it all makes sense as to why the reference to sundays, weekends, female empowerment, self-love and why 5% of profits are donated to The Smith Family.


Welcome, beautiful, to My Weekend Journal –
a book of inspiration to help you make every day
feel like Sunday.
I have always been a dreamer, with an imagination
that runs wild. I think of five-year-old me travelling
in our Morris Minor – my mum, brother and
I escaping my dad again. I yearn to rub that little
girl’s grubby face, smooth her hand-me-down dress
and hold the hand that’s gripping the garbage bag
full of possessions.
I’d whisper into her ear through her long blonde
knotted hair: ‘This is another new adventure,
another school (there will be 11 in total), with new
friends to meet. You can be anything you want to
be – let your imagination be your guide. Your tough
beginnings will shape you, ground you through life,
and you will take nothing for granted. You will be
strong and make a wonderful, busy life for yourself.
Your heart will be full.’
Perhaps it’s not so strange that I love shadows: my
shadow has tethered me and given me the strength
to follow my dreams. Every day, I pinch myself when
I think where Seven Sundays Co. started, and where
it is today. I started as a busy colour consultant and
interior decorator in my area, then Seven Sundays
opened its doors, first in Bairnsdale in 2014, then
Metung in 2022. Our third store opened in Sale
in 2023.
My Weekend Journal, like the Seven Sundays stores,
is inspired by the best day of the week: Sunday. 

Available instores and online www.sevensundaysco.com $59.99

They arrive in a Seven Sundays Co natural Tote Bag. How much do we love calico tote bags.

Patsy,  Founder of Seven Sundays Co and Author of My Weekend Journal