In May 2014, Patsy Waites opened the Bailey Street doors to her new venture called ‘Seven Sundays’ which, back then, was a solo-run Bairnsdale-based business offering interior design services and homewares.

Six and a half years later, Patsy moved the shop to its current location in Main Street, and since then, the brand has transformed into a real lifestyle store with a second location in Metung, as well a wholesale journal range that is now stocked in other stores.

“When I first opened, I was offering an interior design service, as well as having homewares; and then I started to get a few handbags in, and then some jewellery… when I relocated, I added clothing, and it just continued to expand from there.”

“We’ve had online sales available for a long time, but it really took off since the pandemic and it continues to remain a very popular way for our customers to shop.”

Today, Seven Sundays employs nine part-time staff members, who work across the two locations.

This everyday lifestyle store was inspired by a relaxed Australian Sunday way of life, and over the past decade the brand has successfully carved out a local reputation for being a trustworthy and timeless retail destination for women’s casual wear, accessories and homewares.

“I can’t really believe we’re celebrating ten years, to be honest. I never envisioned it would be like it is today. I was always just happy doing my own little thing.”

“Since we announced the birthday on Facebook, we’ve received so many wonderful messages and we even had beautiful customers bringing in cake, or coming in to wish us ‘happy birthday’. It's been so lovely and really shows how much of a supportive community we are here in East Gippsland.”

Patsy Waites