Hand and Body Moisturiser | Istanbul

By Saarde


Deeply moisturising and nourishing hand and body moisturiser.  Made in Australia using the highest quality ingredients including extra virgin olive oil. Scented with the signature Saardé fragrance - Istanbul.

Fragrance Notes:

Feel: warm · sweet · enswathing · with subtle sharpness 

Notes: clove · cinnamon · lemon · geranium · sandalwood · oak moss

“Istanbul is my home, a place where I grew up. Every weekend we would go to the street markets to buy fresh produce - in Turkish they’re called Pazar. Going to a Pazar is a very special experience. The scents don’t just follow you - they assault your senses. Kilos of ripe lemons, tomatoes and oranges, freshly cut in half, mixed in with spices, fragrance melting into the hot summer air. This intense yet beautiful sensory experience leaves an imprint on your memory, vivid and inseparable from the soulful tapestry of Istanbul.”

Dedicated to the craft, Saardé co-founder Shenol Kizek has travelled to the world’s mecca of scents - the town of Grasse in the French Riviera. Guided by the masters of the craft from the local Institute of Perfumery, he has created his first two fragrances - Istanbul & Saint-Raphaël.